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Media Prima grazed the realms of Surround Sound Mixing on their reality show, Mentor 6
Date: 10-06-2012
Stagetec Asia together with Dolby Laboratories yet again graced the local broadcast scene in Malaysia in collaboration with Media Prima Berhad with a trial run of Surround Sound Production for one of their auspicious live show, Mentor Season 6; aired in TV3.

Stagetec Asia, the appointed education partner of Dolby Laboratories in Malaysia conducted a series of proof of concept, training and practical exercises for the duration of 3 weeks. The objective of these exercises is to prepare the broadcaster in line with the national broadcast digitization set at year 2015. The exercise was especially to concentrate on digital audio transmission using Dolby solutions and the migration from a stereo mix to a surround sound mix. This will also be the first TV3 surround sound production.

During the 3 weeks duration, the training started off with a workflow and system setup exercises, surround mixing and trial runs for the Semi Final 1 and 2. "This is necessary to ensure there is a learning curve and follow up so that practices can be absorbed and be recalled later in the future. We believe that education is the key ingredient of embracing a new technology and workflow. You learn by doing and we have proven it here" say David Chan, Managing Director of Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup Asia.

Stagetec Asia has provided the Stagetec’s Aurus digital mixing console with 32 faders and Nexus Audio Routing System to TV3 for a duration of 3 weeks. The mixer was installed in a temporary room in Auditorium MBSA for the Semi Final 1 and 2; and later moved to Stadium Melawati Shah Alam for the final show. A Dolby certified Mixing Engineer, Mr Geoffrey Low; was flown in for the final show to supervised and to ensure confidence level and learning experience is maintained for the finals.

"We are happy to be able to work closely with Stagetec Asia and Dolby Laboratories in the ground changing event. This will be our first 5.1 mix encoded in Dolby E and would serve as a beginning of many more production in the near future." Dr. Ahmad Zaki, Group General Manager of Engineering, Media Prima Berhad. "It is with this initiative that our network will be able to move forward and provide our audience with the best possible sound quality and surround experience."

According to Dolby Asia Director, Leong Yan Yoong, "the partnership with Stagetec Asia in this project simply make sense, they have the equipments and knowledge in surround sound and we have the technology from production all the way to transmission. We are committed to support broadcaster who wish to migrate to digital transmission. It is important to have the right footstep and foundation and we are glad to have provided the first step for Media Prima Berhad on their first approach towards surround sound."
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