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News clip courtesy of ProAudio Asia magazine (www.proaudio-central.com)
Date: 01-03-2009
Stagetec sets seminar agenda

ASIA: After a successful debut in Kuala Lumpur late last year, a series of courses designed by Salzbrenner Stagetec’s David Chan has received the green light for more outings. ‘These are not product training courses,’ he stressed. ‘They are a “value added” service and will cover various techniques and skills, and are open to anybody who is interested in acquiring them.’

 The first course was comprised two courses (Sound Design & Setup and Audio Levelling & Loudness) that were presented back-to-back and attracted engineers from RTM andTV3 among other Malaysian broadcasters, although the long-term intention is to extend the scope of subjects to include video and lighting. To ensure a high level of unbiased expertise, lecturers are recruited from around the industry where necessary – the KL courses calling on sound engineers and trainer Jean Paul Moerman from Flemish national broadcaster VRT. Course sizes will be carefully managed (a maximum of 30 to 35 people) and are hoped to assist companies that cannot provide adequate in-house training. At present, they are being presented in English, as this does not present a problem in Malaysia and Singapore, but Mr Chan admits that other territories may present ‘more of a challenge’, ‘We want to show that we are serious about supporting the industry and that we have the understanding of offer this,’ he stressed.

Venues and premises are to be chosen in order to provide the facilities required by particular courses –the first courses were held in an hotel as the content was quite general. ‘We want to test the water in different industry sectors,’ says Mr Chan. ‘Broadcast and live sound, for example are quite close to each other but require quite different skill sets. We were aware of the problems regarding loudness – particularly with Malaysia’s broadcasters – and sound design is applicable to various areas, but to live sound in particular.’

The project has been in the pipeline since early 2008, reflecting the careful preparation that has gone into it. ‘Stephan Salzbrenner has been very receptive to the idea, said Mr Chan. ‘This is not a company promotion or a profit-making exercise and it has been very well received with good feedback from attendees.’
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