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Acoustic & Design course conducted by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert
Date: 01-12-2009
Most anticipated Acoustic & Design training/workshop course conducted by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert, has been successfully completed in early November 2009. The course was held in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore as it has attracted many interested participants both from live sound and broadcast markets. The course is targeting the basic level of understanding the good acoustic design as well as hands-on measurement tools to simulate the real scenario. Prof Ahnert who is the founder of the famous simulation EASE software, did a good job in covering all level of participants on understanding of the good acoustic design and the right measurements. The feedbacks from participants have been very positive. “It was very good” said an AV supervisor from Singapore. An acoustic engineer from RTM quipped “It will be better if the training extended further.” We thank you all participants and their feedbacks. We will do the best to ensure all participants request fulfilled.

Keep on checking on www.media-academy-online.com for next coming course at your doorstep!

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