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“To produce the right environment, you need the right understanding!”

The course will provide an insight in designing a broadcast studio or a large stadium or auditorium that is acoustically accurate and suitable. It will explain in detail what it takes to build a good room acoustically and why it is important to design it correctly.

Throughout the training, participants will be exposed to the general knowledge of acoustic measurements, calculations, model construction and the design features requirements. As part of this training, the participants will be able to see and experience the real example of modern acoustic simulation and the measurements technique for live sound in real time.

This training is conducted by the famous founder of EASE Acoustical Analysis Software, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert.

Key Benefits:

  • Better understanding of the fundamental acoustic design and measurement
  • Learn to design a small room like broadcast studios and large hall like concert hall
  • Identify the parameters, algorithm, calculations, tools and the right technique
  • Learn the practical way with real example measurement and simulation
  • Introducing the new real-time live sound measurement tools and other
  • Discovering the potential pitfalls

Target participants?

Head of departments, Technical Consultants, Lecturers, Equipment operators, Maintenance engineers, Production and recording personnel, Project engineers, Producers, Test engineers, Broadcasting engineers, Sound Engineers, technicians, students etc

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert is a honorary professor at the Hochschule fuer Film- und Fernsehen Potsdam and at the Lomonossov University Moscow. He is the founder of ADA (Acoustic Design Ahnert) which has produced world-renown simulation software, EASE and meansurement tool EASERA or EASERA SysTune. Dr. Ahnert has authored many books and scientific publications. Among them are Acoustics in Cultural Buildings, Fundamentals of Sound Reinforcement, Sound Reinforcement Engineering, Handbook for Sound Engineer and Akustische Messtechnik. Dr. Ahnert is a fellow member of the Audio Engineering Society, Acoustical Society of America. He is a member of the German DEGA and the British Institute of Acoustics. In 2002, Dr. Ahnert was awarded the Peter Barnett award for his scientific contributions to the field of speech intelligibility and sound source localization.

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Acoustic and Design: The Inside Story

Course Fee  
To be advised  
Available Dates  
Date : 1st & 2nd October
Venue : Malaysia
Traning Day : 2 days
Date : 5th & 6th October
Venue : Singapore
Traning Day : 2 days
Number of person(s):