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Ever sit in a movie theater and be amazed by the surround sound system?

Taking you in a much in-depth journey as you explore how to mix and produce top-notch surround sound quality that makes you be in awe when you listen to it.

Be prepared to immerse yourself in this journey together with Karl M. Slavik as he shares with you deeper insight and skills in operating this modern surround sound systems in a broadcast environment!

Course includes:

  • Basic in hearing and spatial perception from different TV, music and film genres
  • Microphones and system setup for surround sound capturing
  • Level- and time-based panning and mixing techniques
  • Location sound recording for film and TV, the techniques and equipment listening examples.
  • Mixing and post production for surround,
and many more...

So why wait any longer? Come and join us now!!!

Trainer Profile:

Karl M. Slavik (Dipl. Paed. Ing.) is owner of ARTECAST, senior engineer and consultant. He is working in the audio, video and broadcast industry since 1981, holding different positions in production (sound engineer, video engineer and producer) and system engineering. He studied electronics and telecommunications as well as vocational pedagogics with an emphasis on communications and audio visual media. From 1999 to 2005 he worked for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF, where he was responsible for implementing Surround Sound and Dolby Technologies. Karl M. Slavik is certified Dolby Broadcast Consultant.

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Course Fee  
To be advised  
Available Dates  
Date : 21-23 February 2012
Venue : TBC
Traning Day : 3 Days
Number of person(s):