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Cables are considered gods of the electronic world but it is something that people takes for granted. Cables acts like a highway for information and creates an infrastructure for all your devices.

Poor cabling is like running a sports car with broken tyres. It is easy to replace an equipment that is not working but not so for cables.

You want to do it right the first time. Knowing the type of cable, the signal it carries and the material used becomes an essential knowledge irregardless if you are a system integrator, installer, a broadcaster, a system/technical engineer, an avid user or just want to know.

This course offers you an insight to the following:

Importance of High Quality Cables
Types of Cables used in Broadcast
Signal Transmission (HD,SDI, HDMI, Fibre, Cat 5, etc)
Cable Structure
Fiber optics
and many more..

Hurry, grab the early bird promotion of RM350 before 15 Nov 2011. Limited seats available.

To download, please click at the link below :


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Course Fee  
RM 390.00  
Available Dates  
Date : 29 November 2011
Venue : Royale Bintang, Curve PJ
Traning Day : 1 Day
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