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This courses is dedicated to those who wants to know how Dolby is made and what is the application of it. We will discuss about the latest technology that is incorporated with Dolby, understand the basic structure and how to fully utilize it for different function including production, post production to transmission. Dolby has been used throughout the whole world and it is about time we embrace this technology to move forward.

We will concentrate on the basic fundamental of Dolby Technology, the different Dolby format, Why is Dolby used, The Metadata, incorporation throughout the production all the way to transmission, understanding the workflow and advantage of Dolby.

We will also touch into the next level of Dolby technology. The training will be conducted by the Dolby team themselves.

This course is suitable for Production, Production Houses, Sound Engineers, Mixing Engineer, Transmission Engineer, MCR Technician, Broadcast Engineers, Video Editors, Post Production Sound, Visual Effect, Project Department, Universities, Lecturers and Students.

Course Fee  
To be advised  
Available Dates  
Date : 2013
Venue : To be advised
Traning Day : To be advised
Number of person(s):