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This courses is dedicated to those who wants to know on the system workflow and basic operation of a radio station. We will discuss about the latest technology employed in the modern radio setup and different ways to operate.

We will concentrate on the basic fundamental of radio station from systems involved, mixer operation, transmission to radio jargon, content management and workflow.

We will also touch into technology used in the digital era and how to implement the technology in a radio station.

We will also talk about the different transmission method including DAB, IP, Satelite and internet.

This course is suitable forRadio DJ, MCR Technician, Radio Operations, Broadcast Engineers, Radio Programmers, Radio Producers, Radio Station Operators, Universities, Lecturers and Students.

Course Fee  
To be advised  
Available Dates  
Date : 2013
Venue : Malaysia
Traning Day : 2 Days
Number of person(s):