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“Setting it right is a true art!”

Questions arise mainly does the setting up of the live show is correct and done in the proper manner? Does the process of sound setup gives you a big headache and stress? Worry not, now you can find out the right way and best possible sound design and setup of any events for outside live broadcast or in the studio.

This training focusing on the right and creative way to design the entire sound system which also includes the Monitoring, Front-of-house, Production and the Recording. This topic also touches the PA sound system tuning, back-up system, communication audio network and broadcast mixing.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand the concept and process in setting up and planning for small and large events
  • Learn the type microphones in different applications or instruments
  • Understanding each Monitor, FOH, Production and Stage managers/engineers roles
  • Discovering the practical way in the real setup example
  • Utilizing the type of professional equipments and apparatus in respective event setup
  • Discovering the potential pitfalls

Target participants?

Head of departments, Technical Consultants, Lecturers, Equipment operators, Maintenance engineers, Production and recording personnel, Project engineers, Producers, Test engineers, Broadcasting engineers, Sound Engineers, technicians, students etc.

Jean Paul Moerman was a leading sound engineer and trainer at VRT Belgium (Flemish) National Broadcaster. Since 1986, he has been an audio project designer and sound mixing engineer for many prestigious live events and production/recording projects such as “Junior Eurovision Song contest”. He also experienced in designing the large setup of OB vans, election programs, large music shows, talk shows, sport events, opera, football and many more. Due to his well-known professional work and vast experiences, he was much-sought after Trainer in various international trainings, seminars and workshops. Among some of the training he conducted are RTBF (Belgian National Broadcaster French Community), NOB (Dutch National Broadcaster Hilversum), Antenna 3 (Spanish Broadcaster Madrid), Banz Seminar (for German broadcasters), IBC workshops and AES seminar/workshops.

Course Fee  
To be advised  
Available Dates  
Date : 7th Nov 2008
Venue : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Traning Day : 1 day
Number of person(s):