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Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Academy offering different services to cater respective demand in different countries. We have three types of services under the Media Academy:
1) Open professional training courses program.
2) Customized training or workshop program.
3) Consultation and problem-solving program.

Open training courses:

These training courses program are open to all working individuals, professionals and students who are interested in the training courses advertised. Depending on the topic of the training courses, it will be held in the hotel ballroom, studios, auditorium or on-site location. Please go to the Course menu to see what training courses we are offering now!

Customized training program:

The customized program caters to respective broadcasters or organizations that required the Media Academy’s expert trainers to conduct specific training courses for them. This would allow more participants from one organization to train its staff for over a specified time period. We can provide customized training courses and schedules according to their requirements. We have list of expert profile that would conduct all relevant training courses for you!

Consultation and problem-solving program:

This program would allow the Media Academy’s expert trainer or instructor to assist and provide consultancy to the problem faced by any broadcasters or an organization. We are acting as independent evaluator and consultant. We have right profile to assist and conduct the consultancy for you. Example programs are Audio Loudness control and alignment, Acoustic Measurement and solution, Transform from Analogue to Digitalization format and solution, etc.

Come and talk to us! We have the right services for you!